About company

We focus on cooperation in the field of technological consulting and delivering reagents covering water and sewage processes.

  • We have 20 years of experience.
  • A team of technologists specializing in water and sewage systems both in a municipal and an industrial sector.
  • We use knowledge we have gained to design our own products tailored to the needs of each individual client.
  • SKUMA product lines are based on the highest quality of raw materials, used to produce blends that have been designed to meet individual needs of each client.


  • Skuma DIOX
    disinfection of water intended for human consumption
  • Skuma Optical
    used as a means of preventing corrosion and formation of scale deposits in water installations, including systems distribiuting water intended for human consumption and water in food industry
  • Skuma Ferrosan
    treatment of water intended for human consumption and water in food industry


In the area of our operation there are the following technological activities:

  • wastewater treatment – supporting sedimentation of initial and active sludge, inactivation of filamentous bacteria
  • sludge treatment – increasing dry matter of sludge and the efficiency of the drainage node, reduction of the polymer dose
  • fermentation – optimization of methane production, increase of sludge mineralization
  • deodorisation – inactivation of hydrogen sulphide in wastewater pipes and pumping stations
  • disinfection – biological stabilization
  • antiscaling – deactivation and removal of mineral deposits (struvite, CaCO3, …)
  • technological services – consulting, technological supervision
  • wastewater and water technology (*)



High quality

We solve all problems connected with processing raw water to a required condition. We deal with: colour removal, turbidity improvement, water softening, demineralization, disinfection, reverse osmosis, removing suspension.


Production increase

We choose the right composition of enzymatic medium that support decay of organic substance. We have got experience in applying micronutrients supporting methane production. We effectively remove foam in digesters. We deal with inactivation of hydrogen sulphide in biogas.


Wastewater treatment

Combating fat in the sewage pipeline systems using enzymatic method. Supporting sedimentation of initial and active sediment in secondary setting tank. Inactivation of struvite crystallization. Disinfection of sewage and applying anti-foaming products and others.



We focus on water preparations for technological processes, using dosages of professional chemicals for water conditioning. Chemical correction of process water ensures a proper operation of water-steam systems and cooling systems – without deposits and corrosion.

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Joanna Skurka
International Business Development
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Marcin Skurka
Devevelopment / Chief Engineer
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Antonina Skurka
Business Development Assistant
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Anna Haraburda
Office Assistant
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Krzysztof Szczepecki
Water and Wastewater Engineer
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Grzegorz Milewczyk
Water and Wastewater Engineer
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